Apartment Locator application

Find contacts using the Contact combo box in the upper part of the form. Filter the list by selecting a find string. This searches for the string in: | LastName | FirstName | Phone | Phone2 | CellPhone | Comment | Roommates |. You can also click ShowSel to show clients you have selected with the Sel checkbox. The list is sorted company & last name. PgDn moves to the next record. PgUp moves to the previous record.

The status bar at the bottom of the screen tells what goes in each field in the system. Hover over any command button for two seconds for a tooltip of what it does. Any underlined letter is a hotkey. For example, Alt-X closes the form. Hold Alt and press the letter. Alt-Z on any record of any form in the system to see the time and user who last updated that record.

Renter Marketing Groups

Groups let you select contacts without having to create SQL queries. Use those selections to edit or report on only those contacts. You can save your Sel selections in Groups. Click Group at the upper right of the form to open the Group form. Check the Sel box on the Group form for each group you want to add the contact to. Click New to add a new group. Click Del to remove a group and the association of contacts to this group. Click Clear to uncheck Sel from all contacts in the Contact form. Click Sel at tht bottom of the Group form to Sel contacts who are in the group. This lets you filter or report on specific contacts you chose and saved as a group. To save all the Sel contacts as a group, highlight the group by clicking on the name or row, then click Add _ Sel Contacts to ___ group.

Renter Log

Click Log at the bottom of the form to open the Log form. You can use log entries to store info or to-do actions for a prospect or customer.

Apartment Locator application

Click Features on the Contact form to select property and unit features the contact desires. Feature Types are: C=Contact (bedrooms/bathrooms), L=Location, P=Property and U=Unit features. On any continuous form, you can click the blue link at the top of the form to sort by that column. Click it again to sort in descending order.

Apartment Locator application

Click Preference on the Contact form to see the units. Units who are within the rent range will be listed. Units whose location, bedrooms and bathrooms match the ContactFeatures will be Sel. If you click Match Features, only those who match all features specified by the Contact will be Sel. Click MatchRpt to create a list of the Sel units. Click NewInvoice to create an invoice to bill the property owner for a referral.