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Data Integrity Form Special Features

Data integrity form to find and correct Microsoft Accesss errors - dupe, missing, orphaned, incorrect recs

  1. Calc recounts problems in each query
  2. Calc1 recounts problems with current query
  3. SQL shows window with raw SQL of query
  4. Each query describes problem in technical terms and suggests a fix
  5. Sel selects problem recs for the query and opens form to show only those sel recs
  6. Export problem recs to CSV, HTM, MDB, TXT or XLS
  7. View shows problem recs read-only on screen
  8. Fix uses SQL to resolve problems that can be fixed with a query
MS Access Data Integrity form with Fix button to correct data errors with SQL

Data integrity queries let you clean up data that may have been entered before complete information was available. Required fields stop workflow and missing and invalid data cause problems in reports.

Common Data Integrity Queries: