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Standard Features on Single Record Forms

User friendly features on Microsoft Access single record form

  1. Find box filters combo for any text field, exact match or contains
  2. Status bar text shows what is expected in each field as you tab through it
  3. Shortcut keys like Alt-F for Find
  4. Combo box to select records
  5. PgDown/PgUp for Next/Prev record
  6. > < Buttons for Next/Prev record
  7. Tool tip help when you hover over link or button
  8. Primary key and other locked fields etched for quick identification
  9. Tab order logical and excludes locked fields
  10. Combo box links to Combo form. Opens to the value in the combo.
  11. Phone fields formatted
  12. Sel checkbox for reports, data integrity fix, bulk del, export or data recovery
  13. Sel All / Clear x Sel recs. Used with Find to Sel or Clear found recs.
  14. Alt-Z audit trail shows last user and when rec was last updated
  15. Record counter 1 of x recs
  16. Comment field for additional info turns yellow if it contains !
  17. Form header color coded like Main menu for super or normal user or forced quit
  18. Form name in caption
  19. Delete button enabled only for super users
  20. Link to related table shows count of related records