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Microsoft Access Databases 1

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Trucking Company Database schedule pickup and delivery of shipments between consignee and rail terminal. Receive shipments with EDI 204 transaction, respond with EDI 997, accept job with EDI 990 and transmit status with EDI 214 transaction. Send invoice with EDI 210 transaction and log payment. Used in Dallas County, TX

Auction Database Large auction system for a company that sells computer hardware and software on consignment in live auctions. Import from Excel spreadsheets in nearly any format. Scan manufacturer's barcode to identify item and Print barodes or export a list of items for sale on website. Includes video output of item currently being auctioned, logs high bidder in real time to print invoice and verify ownership at security checkpoint. Accounting module shows current and estimated cash flow in real time. Data tables are in SQL Server and stored procedures provide rapid response time even over a wireless network.
Small auction system creates printed catalog, bid sheet and invoices. Very simple and low cost. Available in Microsoft Access 2003. Used in North Texas

Skip Tracing Application provides information for investigators to document all actions during collateral location. Managers can monitor performance and provide realtime priorities and time management task lists. Creates reports for repo agent, invoice to client, cash flow and accounts receivable to management. Evaluates performance of salespeople and provides audit trail of all actions. Exports selected cases to credit verification agency and imports results back into database using EDI. Supports storage of scanned documents with powerful keyword search feature. MS Access 2000 application has been used by more than 35 concurrent users in Dallas, Texas.

Agriculture Lab Statistics Software Analyzes data for 1.8 million readings of a variety of tests of chemical treatments on thousands of agricultural products. Printed reports save paper by using a compact yet clear open ended layout that handles a large number of columns and rows of blocked data. All data tables and queries can be exported to CSV, DBF, MDB, RTF, TXT or RTF formats. Analysis includes Mean, Least Significant Difference and Duncan multiple range tests to determine if the difference in the means is statistically significant. Response time is one to two seconds. The database includes an update feature to offer the 20 users the latest version of the fully secured database without administrator intervention. Used for two years in Frisco, Texas and at a Fortune 500 company since 2005.

Social Services Application Lets a non-profit charity schedule the delivery of social services. Reports show services received by households and family member demographics by any combination of date, county, city, zip, age, race, ethnicity, income level, marital status and education. You can log each session with a case worker, contacts that are referred out of the organization and store links to scanned documents by household. Data integrity reports help resolve data entry problems and protect valuable resources. Used in the Dallas and Denton County Texas.

Commission Program Lets a national wholesaler calculate commission from more than ten factories. Each factory can provide data in any format including text, CSV, Excel XLS or Microsoft Access MDB. Associate distributors to salespeople with accounts or geographic areas. You can change commission rate monthly for each factory based on sales. Each salesperson sees only his sales.

Medical Office Database Lets a weight loss clinic track patients and schedule and invoice office visits. Maintains visit database and scanned medical records, physicals, weight and body composition data. Track product inventory and fax prescriptions to pharmacy of patient's choice. Patients may enter physical and application data on the web to save time in the office. Schedule can handle four different types of visits that include multiple providers. It also considers different office hours and visit times for each provider. The application also supports non-invasive cosmetic procedures.

Job Cost Database links to an accounting system via ODBC to let the Comptroller track additional data fields and provide custom reports that the accounting system is unable to provide. This system has been in use in Fort Worth, TX since 2001.

Blank Template This template contains nine forms that let us quickly develop a professional quality Microsoft Access database for your specific need. It includes full user level security, features that let you back up the database on demand as well as automatically, link to other table data, and force users out of the database for maintenance. You can view or export the data in each table or report to Excel XLS, CSV, text, FoxPro DBF, MSAccess MDB and Word RTF.

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