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Microsoft Access Databases 2

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Apartment Locator Software match preferences of potential renters to features and amenities of each apartment unit.

Manufacturing Database Track status of projects, assemblies and components through various phases of manufacture. Track purchase orders for supplies and materials and delivery of completed product. Maintain contact and training info for managers, engineers and other contacts on each project. Store documents including scanned PDFs about each project and maintain a complete log of all events during the process. Track quality issues by project.

Sewage/Septic Tank Service Application Track inspections and services to customers and mailings to potential customers. Export data to Microsoft Mappoint to optimize service routes. Used in Aledo and Weatherford, TX since 2006.

Quality Assurance Defect Tracking System

Environmental Inspection Database Track environmental inspections of facilities or projects. Create custom questionaires for environmental survey and followup surveys. Track outstanding issues for each project. Reports include Permit Memo, Compliance Inspection, Closeout, Application Approved, Applications Awaiting Approval, Approved Board Projects w/Permit Sections, Status of Approval, Inspection Field Form, Non-Compliance Followup and many more.

Medical Research Database Create and analyze questionaires and answers for a clinical medical study. Link to scanned documents for each subject or patient. SQL window lets user enter and store ad hoc SQL SELECT statements to view or export data. You can place each subject into special custom groups for further analysis. Form suupports import of genetic and DNA data. Track lab samples for each subject. Uses Microsoft Access user level security and has sterile backup that removes sensitive data.

Highway Material Inventory Database Maintain inventory of raw materials for highway project. Log changes to each product. Track each use and receipt of every commodity.

Charity Donor Tracking System Contact donors via personal letter, phone or email with many options to accomodate unique contact preferences. Track donations by event or time period. Create custom events and groups. Add contacts to the appropriate groups and create form letters in Microsoft Word for that group or export the data for use in other applications. Print guest lists, table layouts, name tags, mailing labels and many more reports. SQL window allows you to select contacts based on ad-hoc queries. Log lets you document all interactions with each contact. Used in Dallas, TX since 2008.

Clothing Wholesaler Inventory and Accounting System Track orders, invoices and inventory for hundereds of models in more than a dozen sizes to a thousand retailers nationwide. Handles commission, credit terms, shipping, refunds and returns. General Ledger, profit and loss, balance sheet and other reports provide accounting data for taxes and other corporate decisions. The application supports check printing. You can place each contact into several marketing groups and create custom reports based on that membership. In addition to being able to view every table and view, print or export every report, you can view the SQL and query output of every select query in the system. The system has been used in Rowlett, TX since 2005.

Mortgage Company Application Lets a bank prepare and generate up to 50 page mortgage documents in PDF format for a property tax lien in Texas. Complies with unique requirements from hundreds of tax entities. Allows import export of data for marketing to hundreds of thousands of borrowers. Letter feature lets user create custom letters using database fields without having to use mail merge. The system currently contains 110 reports and has been used in Dallas and Irving, Texas since 2006.

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