Agee Software, Inc.

Report Options

  1. Multiple column reports (truckhr)
  2. Subreports in header or footer
  3. Graphics in records (apt/scrap/mortgage)
  4. Logo (drug)
  5. Choose group levels (pottery)
  6. Unusual page size (scrap)
  7. Some reports to different printers (septic / cont)
  8. Email report (sbm)
  9. Special exports
    • (EDI (210/hospice),
    • HL7 (drug),
    • XML (scrap/drug),
    • Binary (drug))
    • HTML output (web, cz)
    • Upload for ASP (clinic, mlm)
  10. Barcode (drug, clothing, pos, tbinv)
  11. Color coded text based on data (drug)
  12. Address labels (socialserviceclinic)
  13. Custom Envelope (clothing)
  14. Multiple subreports in report (est, mort-40)
  15. Scanned background (mortgage)
  16. Crosstab (agriculture)
  17. Rpt w/3+ Sort / Subtotal combos
    SocialService, Pottery, Commission, Prem
Microsoft Access Report with graphics and colored text based on data values